Ron Woolsey is the Co-Founder/Director of Coming Out Ministries. Ron is an ex-Gay, a former Homosexual, who is now a husband ands father to five children. Ron is on a mission to help others through his own personal experience to understand the homosexual, to have love and compassion for him/her, and, most of all, to show that through the grace of God there is hope.



Danny Vierra is the Director of Modern Manna Ministries and    BellaVita Lifestyle Center. He is a dynamic, international speaker who specializes in detoxification programs, alternative therapies, and natural medicine. Through his Health and Healing Crusades, radio and TV appearances, lectures and books. Danny has helped thousands with his nutritional knowledge and expertise.


 Christian Berdahl came from a life of hardship and abuse where there was little hope and no Jesus. Eventually, Christian found escape through the theater arts. In high school he began to win acting competitions and awards. In 1995 Christian found a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and began putting his skills to work for the Lord and shares a life changing testimony.


C_Dr. RiesenbergerTim Riesenberger MD, MPH, is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician who has a passion for preventive medicine. He received his MD from Loma Linda University, holds a Master's of Public Health in Preventive Medicine, and graduated from Residency in Emergency Medicine. Tim has been to dozens of countries as a speaker and health practitioner.








Alessandra Sorace, is a Crossover recording artist. Alessandra  views the industry as a platform for sharing her faith; one that has taken her nation-wide and abroad. she started touring California at eight, and began filming live productions, and interviews for TV networks such as 3ABN, 3ABN Latino and many more networks.


C_Laura Laura William In 2007, Laura began attending Fountain view Academy; a boarding school nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. Having a large choir and orchestra at the school, Laura had an opportunity to travel and sing with them and it was here that she saw the power that music has to move and touch lives.