We live in a time of increased autoimmune and hormone-related diseases, and many times there are more questions than answers. For over two decades, Modern Manna’s Health & Healing Crusade has been a catalyst in bringing health, wholeness, and spiritual revival to those searching for answers. Attend this year’s free event and learn from wholistic experts how to naturally treat and reverse autoimmune and hormone-related diseases and much more.


Dr. Neal Barnard, is president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, founder of the Barnard Medical Center, an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. His federally funded diabetes research revolutionized the nutritional approaches to type 2 diabetes, and he now aims to empower readers with life-changing information on hormones and health. He has written more than 19 books on nutrition and health.


Barbara O’Neill has a common-sense approach to health. Her foundation is in the belief that the body is designed with the ability to heal itself, and then working ‘with’ the body to achieve the healing response. Currently, Barbara is a health lecturer across the globe, and her passion and life work lies in educating people in the correct health principles that lead to longer, healthier, and happier lives.


Ivor Myers once belonged to an aspiring hip hop group named The Boogiemonsters. Appearing on programs such as Soul Train and BET and featured in magazines like Vibe and Rolling Stone, they were headed for stardom. However, while recording their first album of their eight album contract with EMI Records, Ivor was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. After his eye-opening revelation, he left the industry. Together, Ivor and his wife, Antonte, host 3ABN's "Battle of Faith" television program and are founders of "Power of the Lamb Ministries." Ivor also is the president and founder of ARME Bible Camp, a ministry dedicated in equipping God's people in Bible study and prayer. He is an ordained minister that currently pastors at the Campbell SDA Church in Campbell, CA.


Tim Riesenberger MD, MPH, is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician who lives in the Seattle area and has a passion for preventive medicine. He received his MD from Loma Linda University, holds a Master's of Public Health in Preventive Medicine from Montemorelos University, and graduated from Residency in Emergency Medicine from Stanford University. Tim has been to dozens of countries as a speaker and health practitioner, and has also spread the health message through TV presentations.



Daniel Joseph Vierra III is the director of Modern Manna Ministries, a non-profit organization promoting physical and spiritual healing.  He also directs BellaVita Lifestyle Center, a ten-day lifestyle program near Lodi, California.  For over fifteen years Daniel worked alongside his father and health evangelist, Danny Vierra, and found passion in motivating people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Through the work at BellaVita Daniel has assisted individuals in regaining their health by incorporating natural therapies and lifestyle changes.

Jessica Vierra received her education in nursing from Pacific Union College (2008) and Loma Linda University (2010). After a few years of nursing experience and divine intervention, she went back to school and graduated with a Master of Science in Nutrition with a Didactic Program in Dietetics from Bastyr University (2015) and completed a dietetic internship through California State University, Long Beach. Jessica passionately assists patients in regaining their health by adopting a plant-based diet and following a lifestyle program to reverse disease naturally. Together, Daniel and Jessica enjoy combining their talents to bring the health and gospel message to the world. Jessica enjoys blessing others with music, leading out in community nutrition programs, writing health articles, providing nutritional counseling to clients, and raising Daniel Vierra IV.


Dr. Fleming served as a nutrition professor at Loma Linda University for 19 years.  She currently holds an Adjunct Assistant Professor position there.  Prior to this, her roles included manager of clinical care and food services at Christian City Inc. and Barstow Community Hospital, and public health and consulting dietitian in Appalachia. She has lived in Asia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Mexico, and taught classes and lectured internationally.  Dr. Fleming is a survivor of autoimmune disease, brain surgery and cancer.  She has experienced lockdown and civil unrest in Hong Kong, Singapore and Iran.



Darren Greenfield, Farm Manager at Weimar Institute, and Chairman of the Board of Adventist Agricultural Association (AdAgra) gives a important message of how we can prepare for the end of time for ourselves and our families. The COVID pandemic is a small taste of what the trials ahead are going to be like when we cannot provide food for our families.




Laura Williams is singer/recording artist from Washington state. She travels alongside her husband, Ernie, doing full-time music ministry all over the country. Laura and Ernie run New Creation Media together which incorporates audio, video, and photography services along with their music. On the road close to 10 months out of the year, they present concerts for churches, prisons, hospitals, and schools as well as working with various television stations and evangelistic meetings. Music can be used as a powerful tool to spread the gospel and Laura hopes to continue in this ministry for as long as God continues to lead the way forward.



Margie Salcedo Rice, a violinist, singer, songwriter, and conductor, enjoys a dual identity as a performer of both classical and gospel music. In addition to serving as a concertmaster of an orchestra and soloist with that group for over two decades, she is a vocal artist who has toured extensively as a soloist and been featured on numerous religious telecasts.






Scott Michael Bennett is an international Christian recording artist known for his passionate music expression and deeply moving concerts. His music has traveled the country and even taken him to Hawaii, and the Cayman Islands, and the United States Pentagon. Scott is featured on Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) Hope Channel (HopeTV), SafeTV, Olelo Studios (Hawaiian Channel), and Amazing Facts.


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